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Friday, December 29, 2006

Grumpy New Year

This is what you get for celebrating the misfortune of someone else’s death.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who worked in an office far, far away. She spent her days reading federal regulations and drafting policy, and trying to keep up with the whims of stock market governance. The girl loved her job, and spent many long hours growing pale and pasty by the light of the fluorescent bulbs that enabled her to work long after the daylight hours had passed into night. She was very lucky, as she really enjoyed the work that she did, and had the respect and support of her talented colleagues.

Then one day, the New York Stock Exchange announced that it would postpone the first trading day of the new year to honour the passing of a President. This was truly unprecedented news, as it would mean that the stock markets would be closed for four consecutive days, which was a very rare event indeed. Thank you, dead President!

The girl who loved her job paid no mind to this announcement, however, as she had already made plans to work from home that day. She had a couple of projects that required her undivided attention, and besides, the cable company was coming to do an installation for the new big screen HDTV that she bought for her loving boyfriend as a Christmas gift. The girl enjoyed working from home, for as much as she loved her job, one of her favourite perks was being able to work from home in pajamas.

Still, the rest of the office waited anxiously for the joyous announcement from management that no one had to work on Tuesday since the markets would be closed. An extra day off! Twenty-four whole more hours to nurse those inevitable hangovers! Rock on! The office was abuzz with gleeful anticipation.

Finally, the news came from above, but it wasn’t the news everyone had hoped for. Management noted that even though the markets were closed, banks were open and critical functions needed to be addressed, and an executive decision was made to keep the office open. There was much whispering and grumbling following this announcement.

“What a waste! We’ll be here twiddling our thumbs!” said the grumpy office

“Is he serious? Can’t you talk some sense into him?” pleaded others.

Alas, the news had come and most accepted their fate begrudgingly. The girl who loved her job paid no mind. There was always work to be done, and wasn’t this such a lovely place to work, even if you did have to come in after all? But she was still planning to work from home. The announcement, so unfortunate for the others, didn’t change a thing as far as she was concerned.

Later, as her boss passed her in the hallway, he asked if she’d reminded her staff that they needed to report to work on Tuesday.

“I did,” she said, “but I won’t be here. I’ve got an appointment with the cable company between 11 and 2 to set up the new high-def service.”

Her boss was visibly upset, and demanded that she be there as well, even if it meant rescheduling with the cable company. No amount of pleading or reasoning would budge him.

“It wouldn’t be right if your staff showed up and you weren’t here along with them,” he said. “It sends the wrong message.”

Confused, distressed, and in a terrible huff, she returned to her desk and called to cancel her appointment.

And the moral of the story is, listen to your boyfriend when he tells you that you can pick up the box directly from Comcast and install the thing yourselves.

Happy New Year!


Blogger Phil said...

Sadly Jmai, your boss and boyfriend were right, but lookon the bright side, you get to enjoy a relatively low key workday and maybe some enjoyable socializing and slacking with your co-workers. Not to mention the sense of pride you'll get from installing the hi-def yourself. Or will that be Chulo's job?

12/30/2006 06:30:00 AM  
Blogger Natalia said...

Bosses suck...corporate Amrica sucks donkey balls.
Yaay new TV. And yaay that you are in Orlando :)


12/30/2006 04:28:00 PM  
Blogger JMai said...

Phil -- That is indeed the bright side of it. Of course I still have no intention of installing that thing myself, and I won't let Chulo do it either. Complicated electronics should be left up to experts.

Butt -- Yaayy getting to spend some time together and what a good movie that was! My boss was just doing what he thought was right... of course I wouldn't have done it that way... but it's not my company to run.

1/01/2007 04:09:00 PM  
Blogger terry said...

well, that sucks.

i guess this means you'll just have to work from home some other day. when others will be slaving away NOT in their PJs...

1/01/2007 11:44:00 PM  
Blogger sassinak said...

ah geeze dude, i always hate paying for the people who don't love their job...

i loved my last one and the bosses didn't and just made it SO hard...

1/02/2007 12:11:00 AM  
Blogger buddha_girl said...

Well holy craphead. I'm so sorry.

Although Chulo may have a point, I make it a point to NEVER install ANYTHING someone else can install FOR me.


We all thought that my school district would close today as well so we would have an extra day of winter break. It wasn't to be. I was figuratively working beside you, sister.

I hope Chulo got you something at least half as exciting and generous as you did for him!

1/02/2007 09:15:00 PM  
Blogger JMai said...

Whatever happened to having the ability to delete retarded comments? Why is there no delete option on Anon's comment? Ugghhh.

I don't want to go to word verification. It's so annoying.

Terry -- I'm working from home today ... in PJs! Unfortunately I'm also sick as a dog -coughcoughsnifflesneeze-

Sass -- I'm not sure really why he decided to do it that way... I really think that most of the people at my company are pretty happy, but it's just so annoying when you discover that basically everyone else in your industry has the day off... but not you.

BG -- If we gotta work, at least we can commisserate about it -s- And yes Chulo was very generous as usual. I got an iPod for my bday, and for Christmas I got books, a new digital camera, a photo printer, and a pink racquetball set that I was admiring in Sports Authority a few months ago... some sales proceeds are donated to breast cancer research, so you know I'm all about that! He also tried to buy me a Blackberry Pearl but I told him work would pick up the tab on that one!

1/03/2007 05:11:00 PM  
Blogger JMai said...

Weird... after I posted, the delete icons were there. Ohhhhh I know... I wasn't signed in. DUH!

1/03/2007 05:12:00 PM  
Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

happy new year!!

I liked your story. :o). (even if it wasn't a happily ever after)Lucky Chulo! that is a neato prezzie.

1/03/2007 08:49:00 PM  
Anonymous masgblog said...

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. When you get better, you'll have to go to Pier 1 (I'll scout it out here in Canada first and let you know, okay?).

So much for our corporate world eh? This seems to be the way of the world now.

Feel better soon, k?

...and Happy New Year!

1/03/2007 09:54:00 PM  
Blogger JMai said...

O Cheesy One -- Thank you! Maybe not a story for the ages, but a cute little piece. Also, I think Chulo's pretty lucky too! Cable guy comes today to set it up. YAY!

Masg -- Happy New Year to you! I am very much a product of the corporate environment. I work far too many hours and am addicted to email. But I also love working from home in jammies!

1/05/2007 01:45:00 PM  

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